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ZGC Development Group has Successfully Hosted the “2023 Zhongguancun Forum”
After more than 150 activities, 55 parallel forums and the like, with more than 100 enterprises participating, the main session of the five-day-long “2023 Zhongguancun Forum” drew to a close on May 30th. Byintegrating advanced multi-scene technical products into the forum processes, this year’s forum provided all participants with a unique technological experience.ZGC Development Group has success
Fitch Affirmed ZGC Development Group’s A Rating
On November 15, 2022, Fitch held the rating of long-term debt in foreign and local currencies of ZGC Development Group at “A” and said the outlook was stable.The Group received its first “A” rating from Fitch in early 2020. This is also the fourth time that the Group was given an international “A” rating.
Fitch Affirmed ZGC Development Group’s A Rating
On December 23, 2021, Fitch Ratings confirmed the A rating of ZGC Development Group as a long-term foreign and local currency bond issuer, with the outlook as “stable”. Meanwhile, Fitch also affirmed that the Group’s $300 million of senior unsecured bonds was rated A.International credit rating is a comprehensive evaluation given by rating agencies on an enterprise’s ability to fulfill its economi
The first “New Industry 50 People Forum” Was Successfully Held in Beijing
On October 23, under the guidance of the Executive Committee Office of Zhongguancun Forum, the first “New Industry 50 People Forum”, sponsored by ZGC Development Group and hosted by ZGC Industrial Research Institute, was successfully held at the Exhibition Center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.More than 200 representatives from new technology firms, cutting-edge
The First Phase of “2021 Asset-backed Bonds of ZGC Sci-tech Leasing” Was Successfully Established
On October 26, the first phase of “2021 Asset-backed Bonds of ZGC Sci-tech Leasing co., Ltd.” was successfully launched, in total amount of 990 million yuan.A1-level bonds, with AAA rating and 1.48 years of maturity period, plans to raise 540 million yuan at the coupon rate of 3.8%; A2-level bonds, AAA and 1.98 years, will raise 190 million yuan at the coupon rate of 4.1%; B-level bonds, AAA and 2
ZGC Development Group’s Got Another A for International Credit Rating
Fitch Ratings has formally confirmed to assign ZGC Development Group a long-term default rating of A in both foreign and local currencies as well as a stable outlook. Meanwhile, Fitch Ratings has also awarded an A rating on the Group’s $300 million senior unsecured notes due 2023 with a 2.875% coupon rate. An international credit rating is given by a rating agency after its investigation, review,
ZGC Group Received Grade A of Quasi-Sovereign Rating
After over one year’s preparation, Fitch Rating, an international rating agency, recently publicized the rating of ZGC Group as grade A of quasi-sovereign, marking that the Group have made a historic breakthrough in the international capital market and reached a new height in terms of internationalization.The tasks of international credit rating agencies are to investigate, review, compare, measur
ZGC Group Successfully Issued $300 mn of Public Offering Debt
ZGC Development Group Successfully Issued $300 mn of Public Offering Debt, at a Record-low Coupon Rate of 2.875%.
The ZGC Software Park is Ranked among Top 5 world Public Incubators
The ZGC Software Park, an incubator under the ZGC Development Group, was selected as one of the world’s Top 5 public incubators.
We’re all ready!--Israel, the land of innovation, is just waiting for you
On July 8, 2019, local time in Israel, the opening ceremony of “Innovation Powerhouse” sponsored by the ZGC Development Group and Infinity (Israel) and “The Fifth China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference” was held in Tel Aviv.
The third Session of the China-Finland Innovative Enterprise Cooperation Committee was successfully held
On November 8, 2018, the 3rdsession of China-Finland Innovative Enterprise Cooperation Committee(hereafter referred to as “CFIECC”) washeld at National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), as one of the relevant activities of the first China International Import Expo (“CIIE”). There were more than 140 representatives from both sides of CFIECC attending this conference.China and Finland enj
ZGC-Boston Innovation Center Began Trial Operation with the 1st Academic Conference as a Resounding Success
After 7-month preparation, ZGC-Boston Innovation Center, located in the center area of Boston, Massachusetts, close to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has completed its first phase of renovation project in September this year and officially entered the trial operation stage. The Center currently has three floors of space for business operation, covering an area
ZGC-German Innovation Center was Officially Launched!
On May 7, 2018 (local time), the launch ceremony of ZGC InnoHub was held in Heideberg, Germany, hosted by Zhongguancun Development Group. This is a new starting point for the Group to enter Germany and Europe, following the establishment of ZGC Overseas Innovation Centers in Silicon Valley and Boston.At the opening ceremony, ZGC-German Innovation Centersigned cooperation memos with German Medical
Beijing-North America Sci-tech Innovation Conference was Held in Boston
On March 30, 2018 (America Eastern Standard Time), the “2018 Beijing-North American Sci-tech Innovation Conference” was held in Boston, U.S. Over 200 distinguished guests from all walks of life of China and America gathered together to participate in and witness this historic moment for technological exchange between and innovation of China and America. Zhongguancun, as the main sci-tech battlefie
Beijing-Silicon Valley Talents and Sci-tech Conference was Held
On the afternoon of September, 20, 2017 (local time), the “Beijing-Silicon Valley Talents and Technology Conference” was held in ZGC Silicon Valley Innovation Center, in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley. Nearly 100 guests from all sectors gathered together to witness this historic moment when China and the U.S. jointly explore innovation. At the conference site, the “ZGC Overseas Strategic Scientists C
Changchun-Silicon Valley Sci-tech Innovation Conference was a Success
On June 14, 2017, Changchun-Silicon Valley Innovation Conference was held at the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center. For a long time, Silicon Valley has been the most concentrated and active area of global innovative elements, VC funds and entrepreneurship talents, leading the world’s innovation and startup wave. As an important central city in northeast Asia, Changchun has been actively upgradi
Beijing-Silicon Valley High-end Talent Meeting was Held
On March 6, 2017 (local time), the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center in Santa Clara, the core area of Silicon Valley, was full of people attending “Beijing-Silicon Valley High-end Talent Meeting”.Under the witness of all guests, the nameplates of “ZGC Overseas Scientists’ Office” and “ZGC Overseas Postdoctoral Workstation” were unveiled, marking that Beijing and Zhongguancun have built up a new
ZGC Software Park and NewCo Helsinki Signed an Cooperation Agreement
On May 13, 2016, the Software Park under the ZGC DevelopmentGroup and NewCo Helsinkisigned the Agreement on Exchanging Projects of Start-ups, to consolidate the 10-year cooperation between the two sister cities of Helsinki and Beijing.The agreement aims to provide a platform for Chinese and Finnish start-ups to access each other’s markets, and to utilize the resources of both parties and their exp
A New Starting Point and A New Journey The Opening Ceremony of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was Held
The grand opening ceremony of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was held on May, 11, 2016. The establishment of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center is the core move in the pursuit of Silicon Valley development strategy of the ZGC Development Group. It is also an important strategic move for the Group to actively deploy overseas, explore innovative resources globally, apply the mode of
The Zhongguancun Core Area-Silicon Valley Innovation Station Settled in the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center
On December 11, the “Unveiling Ceremony of the Zhongguancun Core Area-Silicon Valley Innovation Station” and the “Silicon Valley High-end Talents Christmas Party” was held at the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center in Santa Clara, California. At present, Beijing is building “China Science and Technology Innovation Center” with world influence, and Haidian District, as the very core of such Innova
The ZGC Development Group and Ottawa Investment Agency Signed a Cooperation Agreement
On, November 17, 2015, the ZGC Development Group and Ottawa Investment Agency signed a cooperation agreement.This agreement is crucial to further strengthen the cooperation between the ZGC Development Group and Ottawa Investment Agency, and to facilitate the sci-tech exchanges and the dock of innovative resources. On the basis of existing cooperation, the Group will continue the good cooperative r
The Information Conference of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Center was Held
On March 20, 2015, the information conference of the ZGC-Silicon Valley Innovation Centerwas held in the Software Park. More than 50 Zhongguancun enterprises attended the meeting, which is co-hosted by the Zhongguancun Management Committee and the ZGC Development Group. At the conference, the Group gave participating enterprises a brief picture of the overall development of the Group’s overseas bu
The ZGC Development Group Promote the Cooperation between Beijing and Ottawa in the Field of Innovative Resources
On April 15, 2014 (the Ottawa time), the Ottawa International Incubation Center of the ZGC Development Group was officially established. It represents the Group’s another innovative measure, in cooperation with Ottawa Investment Agency, to attract major sci-tech achievements to be industrialized in Beijing through a remote incubation mode. Ottawa is known as the “Northern Silicon Valley”. In the D
A Signing Ceremony was held of Projection Incubation Cooperation between the ZGC Development Group and the Ottawa Investment Agency
On the morning of October 16, 2013, the ZGC Development Group and the Ottawa Investment Agency of Canada held the signing ceremony of project incubation cooperation in Beijing, which marked the official opening of the Ottawa International Incubation Center under the Group and it will usher in the first new members. This is another innovative measure taken by the ZGC Development Group to implement
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