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Group, more attention to the training for talents, especially for young talent reserves, from the "fu" and "release can" two-way access, optimize talent growth path, for talent reserves and cultivation of outstanding and young cadre, improve the group's overall service of science and technology innovation ability.

In the group headquarters, the progressive implementation of management and professional sequence cross of the "double channel" career development path, provide safeguard for the deep development of professional talents.

Swap the talented cadres post exercise, for the cadre personnel growth is faster in headquarters, pay attention to the exchange programs to a line of business of subsidiary piers miao temper; For outstanding talents of cadres recommended by party organizations at the grass-roots level, through the exchange office or to the headquarters in the form of organization secondment, temporary work, continue to exercise on key projects, to further broaden the horizons

Actively with the relevant state ministries and commissions, municipal units and enterprises, zhongguancun park to develop talent exchange, realize the orderly flow of talent, targeted to conform to the requirements of professional talents become a high-end talents.

New young talent training is held every year, and for the new youth talents equipped with "one to one" mentor, make each department business backbone talented youth into society, into the group, can maximize "mentor", mutual promotion and common growth.

Make full use of good group post-doctoral scientific research workstation platform, the introduction of outstanding young postdoctoral station, carried out with the group to deepen reform and transformation of development, strategic layout, and the characteristics of the business closely with postdoctoral research projects, contribute to the common growth and development of group and young talents.

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