About us

Zhongguancun Development Group (“ZGC Group”) was established in 2010. With a consistent mission of serving innovation-driven development, it has been committed to building an open and shared ecosystem pooling innovation factors. To promote the transformation and industrialization of sci-tech achievements, it deploys innovative resources across the world by means of building high-tech parks, making investments, providing funding and professional services and etc. It now has become an integral part of Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.  

After many years of development, the Group has continued to grow and progress. The registered capital of he Group is 16.922 billion yuan. ZGC Group, with a long-term corporate credit rating of AAA, has provided more than 140,000 times of services for technology enterprises in total. It has gradually built a business system that integrates operation of sci-tech parks, industrial investment, sci-tech finance, sci-tech service, gaining more and more competitiveness and influence.

 Innovation Space Operations

Focusing on the collaborative development of “Three Cities and One District” and Zhongguancun “One District and Multiple Parks”, we provide high-quality sci-tech parks for innovation-based enterprises and projects, in accordance with the operation philosophy of the high-tech park. We have invested over 130 billion yuan in building sci-tech parks in total and have developed and prepared land 1.28 million square meters, of which more than 5.9 million square meters of sci-tech carriers were newly completed.

 Industrial Investment

Aiming at the cutting-edge technologies and the high-end industry cluster, ZGC Group focuses on information industry, health industry, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries. It continuously upgrades its capabilities of industrial organization and service by means of making investment, building sci-tech parks, establishing funds, optimizing the service platform and etc.

ZGC Group has participated in the establishment of 117 funds, with a total subscription of 80 billion yuan. It has invested over 60 billion yuan in more than 2,000 portfolios through funds and self-owned capital.

 Sci-tech Finance

Centered on the new trends and demands of innovation and entrepreneurship, ZGC Group makes continuous efforts to develop new financial products through diversified means such sci-tech guarantee, sci-tech leasing and sci-tech credit. We strive to create a full-featured service ecosystem for sci-tech finance and to provide one-stop financing solutions for high-tech enterprises.

Totally, we have provided over 200 billion yuan of debt financing for enterprises and served nearly 400 companies that are listed on domestic and foreign stock exchanges.

 Technology Servies

ZGC Group provides services involving multiple factors in a professional way, in an attempt to meet the needs of sci-tech innovation and to enhance industrial service capacity. We work to strengthen the service weakness, to extend the service chain, and to provide enterprises with full-cycle, one-stop and butler-like integrated services, constructing the innovation ecosystem for technological innovation and industrial development.

China Innovation Services

ZGC Group, based on Beijing and radiating to the whole nation, focuses on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation and builds a trans-regional sci-tech industrial chain. It makes efforts to implement a number of major projects, especially those in Tianjin and Hebei Province, like Tianjin (Binhai)·ZGC High-tech Park, Beijing-Tianjin ZGC Science City, with aim to build a first-class regional collaborative innovation highland.

We have established the first collaborative innovation investment funds, ZGC Innovation Zone and ZGC Information Valley, to form a new ZGC innovation network in light-asset operation mode.

Global Innovation Services

We promote the internationalization of ZGC Group, structure a new cross-border incubation mechanism for the transformation of outcomes of science, technology and innovation, including overseas scientists, new types of scientific research institutes in Zhongguancun.

We have gradually expanded our businesses into North America and Europe. In the core area of Silicon Valley, we have established the ZGC Innovation Center @ Silicon Valley, which is designed to be a hub of the international innovation network covering multiple regions with rich innovation resources.

Looking into the future and keeping our mission in mind, we are determined to become a world-class integration service provider of the innovation ecosystem, a carrier of the glory and dream for serving innovation-driven development, and to help technology companies realize their innovation dreams, creating a bright future.

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