Fitch Affirmed ZGC Development Group’s A Rating

On December 23, 2021, Fitch Ratings confirmed the A rating of ZGC Development Group as a long-term foreign and local currency bond issuer, with the outlook as “stable”. Meanwhile, Fitch also affirmed that the Group’s $300 million of senior unsecured bonds was rated A.

International credit rating is a comprehensive evaluation given by rating agencies on an enterprise’s ability to fulfill its economic commitments and its trustworthiness after careful investigation, examination, comparison and measurement. Fitch Ratings is one of the three major rating agencies in the world. Fitch’s ratings are highly differentiated and widely trusted by investors in the international capital market. 

Fitch has more than 1,100 analysts in more than 40 branches around the world, giving ratings to various financial institutions, enterprises, countries, local governments and structured finance.  Fitch has so far issued ratings on more than 1,600 banks and other financial institutions, more than 1,000 corporates and 1,400 local governments, as well as 78% of the world’s structured finance and 70% sovereign bonds, which have been endorsed by regulators and bond investors around the world.  

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