Our Business

ZGC Development Group has set up an overseas department in charge of the establishment and operation of sci-tech innovation centers abroad, management of overseas investment fund and project investment. In doing so, the Group further improves its global layout and introduces international, market-oriented and specialized innovation service elements at various levels. Meanwhile, it is also trying to implement Beijing action plan of the BRI technological innovation and strengthen Z-Park’s leadership and influence in global sci-tech innovation.

As an international resource integration platform of ZGC Development Group, the overseas department coordinates the construction of ZGC overseas sci-tech innovation centers in developed economies as well as states and areas across the “Belt and Road”, and promotes in-depth sci-tech exchanges and cooperation with local technology firms. It also builds ZGC Overseas Funds themed on sci-tech to promote global capital cooperation and industrial linkage and to serve the internationalization of sci-tech innovation enterprises more professionally.

Its main business includes investment and asset management, technological and intermediary services, technology enterprise incubation, financial services and so on. 

A number of overseas innovation centers have so far been built and operated in North America, Europe, Asia and other areas. They have initiated and established a parent fund and several VC funds, participated in the early-stage VC funds, constructing a global fund system step by step.

After years of development, the Group has formed a full-blown model for overseas business, such as “overseas sub-groups for business expanding+ domestic sub-platforms for project undertaking”. It has established a three-in-one service platform across the whole value chain, i.e. “innovation-incubation space service + global investment service + cross-border sci-tech service”.

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