Our Business

Aiming to frame an economic structure for the technology frontier, ZGC Group focuses on building a platform to make investment in and provide services for the implementation of major projects of cutting-edge technology. By making investment with self-owned capital, holding equity investment on behalf of government, guiding commercial fund investment, establishing self-managed funds, among other methods, ZGC Group leverages the market mechanism to realize the leading and amplification functions of the state capital, to promote the commercialization and industrialization of core technologies and original innovations and to organize and coordinate relate industries.

The Group guides and coordinates the development and operation of its VC investment companies, BEIJING IP, Beijing InnoHealth Investment , Zhongguancun IC Center, IC Funds and International Enterprise Incubator and other companies.  

Up to date, , its industrial investment department has invested and served more than 2,000 projects.The total investment exceeds 60 billion yuan.

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