ZGC Development Group has Successfully Hosted the “2023 Zhongguancun Forum”

After more than 150 activities, 55 parallel forums and the like, with more than 100 enterprises participating, the main session of the five-day-long “2023 Zhongguancun Forum” drew to a close on May 30th. By integrating advanced multi-scene technical products into the forum processes, this year’s forum provided all participants with a unique technological experience.

ZGC Development Group has successfully organized the “Zhongguancun Forum” for five consecutive years, delivering high-quality and efficient operation services.

As a member of the Zhongguancun Forum Office and one of the main organizers of the forum, ZGC Development Group participated in the top-level design of the forum, such as overall solution planning, agenda design and guest invitation.

At the same time, it’s also responsible for planning and implementing major events, organizing conference, creating the ambiance of the setting, providing technical support for meetings, managing market-oriented operations, communicating through new media, overseeing brand operation, coordinating volunteers, and organizing supporting activities.

Six types of operational products ensure the marketization of the forum

As the exclusive marketization management unit authorized by Zhongguancun Forum, ZGC Development Group established Zhongguancun International Exhibition Operation Management Co., LTD. in 2020 to professionally and commercially operate the forum on a regular basis.

ZGC Development Group has tailored six types of operation products for the Forum, including sponsorship and membership systems. These products have organically integrated the needs for the national platform of innovation subjects seeking commercialization with the content and on-site presentation of the forum, achieving new breakthroughs in market-oriented operation.

This forum has established partnership with Beijing Electric Control, the Bank of Beijing, Huaxia Bank, while actively pursuing brand cooperation with Beijing Yiqing Holding and Toread. More than 40 of “Fortune Top 500 Enterprises”, including Astrazeneca and Qualcomm, as well as industrial leaders, top scientific research institutions and high-growth companies have joined the Forum as members.

As a state-owned enterprise, ZGC Development Group bravely shoulders its responsibility and serves as the global partner of the Forum to ensure the steady and sustainable market-oriented development of the Forum’.

Mature operational experience ensures the efficient functioning of the Forum

The operation team of ZGC Development Group ensured the safety of the Forum with high-level services, such as venue construction, conference service, guest reception and more. During the preparation phase of the “2023 Zhongguancun Forum”, ZGC Development Group established a high-level working team dedicated to ensuring the safety and success of major events, including the opening ceremony and plenary meeting.

This Forum has established a national benchmark for sci-tech activities in terms of venue design and construction, technical support, equipment provision, content arrangement and procedures, as well as online and offline presentation.  

Based on years of experience in conference operation and management as well as a proven track record of five consecutive successful Zhongguancun Forums, the working team of ZGC Development Group has established a four-party organization mechanism and implementation norms for conference activities.

They have standardized the visual system and implementation protocols, organized nearly 100 events, including parallel forums, technology transactions, cutting-edge technology competitions, achievement releases and supporting activities.

As the official website and new media operator of this Zhongguancun Forum, the team successfully hosted over 50 live events during the forum. More than 200 wonderful sentences made by guest speakers at the Forum were promptly selected out for efficient dissemination the essential thoughts generated during the exchange to the public.

“Xiao Guan” is the chief virtual communication officer of the Forum. This year, two new personas were introduced -- astronaut “Xiao Guan” and top-rank player “Xiao Guan”-both of which received high praise from the attendees.

To fully leverage its strength in hosting international conferences, the working team has also extended invitations to a number of distinguished foreign guests to participate in key activities of the Forum, enhancing its global image.

The International Volunteer Service Center, led by ZGC Development Group, collaborated with 15 universities and agencies to recruit more than 400 volunteers for the “2023 Zhongguancun Forum”, showcasing the youthful spirit of university students serving technological innovation in the capital.

The Hi-tech Forum uses new technologies to enhance participants’ experience

ZGC Development Group has fully capitalized its sci-tech innovation resources to create highlights for the “Hi-tech Forum”. The 2023 Forum focused on three key features—intelligence, environmental sustainability and cloud-based services.

To this end, they developed and applied new techniques, products and ideas, such as an intelligent management system, a data cockpit, and a naked eye 3D visual system. They set up a meta-universe venue, an MR panorama venue, an XR super live broadcast room and other cloud-based forum entrances to expand the reach of the forum. The forum highlighted the low-carbon concept by setting up green stations, using eco-friendly materials, and promoting sustainable practices.  

Advanced technologies contribute to a lively atmosphere. Considering the Forum’s dual attributes as a national-level platform and a technical innovation platform, the operation team created a visual atmosphere that not only highlights the solemnity, but also exudes a cool sense of technology.

The forum has attracted a lot of attention by a naked-eye 3D large screen at the main entrance of the conference and an outdoor technological interactive area.

Nearly 8,000 advertising flags were placed along major roads, while promotional videos were played on large screens at landmarks, such as The Place, creating a warm ambiance for the Forum in Beijing.

The main session of the Zhongguancun Forum may have only lasted five days, but technological innovation will continue to thrive beyond its conclusion.

ZGC Development Group will seize the opportunity to implement a new round of pilot reforms and establish world-leading science parks. It will adopt more powerful measure to enrich the soil for innovation-based development, join hands with innovators and entrepreneurs to co-create an open and shared ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to advancing global innovation governance and fostering a community with a shared future for mankind.

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