Four Parks under the Group Recognized as Beijing’s Characteristic Industrial Clusters of SMEs of 2023

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology recently announced the 2023 list of Beijing Characteristic Industrial Clusters of SMEs.ZGC IC Design Park was recognized as “Zhongguancun IC Design Industrial Cluster in Haidian District, Beijing”; ZGC Life Science Park as “Life Science Industrial Cluster in Changping District, Beijing”; the Industrial Application Software Cluster of Haidian District, mainly built on ZGC Software Park, as “Industrial Application Software Cluster in Haidian District, Beijing”; the Daxing High-end Medical Device Industrial Cluster, with ZGC Medical Device Park as its main body, as “High-end Medical Device Industrial Cluster in Daxing District, Beijing”.


The positioning of the Characteristic Industrial Cluster of SMEs is industrial clusters that are focused on SMEs and guided by new development concepts. In order to build core competitiveness, these clusters, with efficient collaboration network and quality governance services, concentrate their attention on leading industries, highlight advantages and characteristics, and pool resources within a county or district.

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