ZGC Development Group and Its Subsidiary Listed on “Top 50 Industrial Park Operators in China 2023”

The grand opening of "The 9th Fangsheng Industrial Park Conference of 2023" took place in Shanghai on July 12, under the theme of "Redefining the Industrial Park in a New Economic Cycle". In which, a series of rankings were unveiled, including the “Top 50 Industrial Park Operators in China in 2023”, which were selected based on the key metric of “industrial operations”.


ZGC Development Group and ZGC Collaborative Development, a subsidiary of the Group, were successfully named on the list. This was the second time that ZGC Collaborative Development won the title, following the first in 2022. ZGC Collaborative Innovation Z-Link Park, under the Group, was ranked in the “Top 5 Asset-light Industrial Parks in 2023”. 

Going forward, the Group will persist in delivering high-quality operational services for the innovation space. Through the operational model of “space + service + investment”, the Group will build a number of upscale and distinctive technology carriers to aggregate projects, talents, capital, and industries inside them. During the process, an ecological space will be gradually created that facilitates the convergence of “high-end and sophisticated” sectors.

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