ZGC Collaborative Innovation Fund was Listed as “Top 20 Most Popular Parent Fund Institutions Among Young Investors”

Recently, ZGC Collaborative Innovation Fund was recognized by the Parent Fund Research Center as one of “Top 20 Most Popular Parent Fund Institutions Among Young Investors”. Additionally, Liu Yong, Director of the company’s Fund Department, was named one of the “40 Best Young Parent Fund Investors Under 40 Years Old in 2023”!

The Parent Fund Research Center noted that the investment industry tends to have a pyramid-shaped talent structure in which seniority correlates with higher positions.  However, in the digital age, many outstanding young Chinese investors, relying on their comprehensive professional knowledge and precise vision, have discovered the real value of investment targets in highly specialized fields such as key and core technology.

Most team members of ZGC Collaborative Innovation Fund come from the ZGC Development Group system, with young investors increasingly becoming the backbone. The working team boasts a diverse industry background, an international investment perspective, and abundant industry resources.

The team members possess various educational and professional backgrounds, spanning across finance, science and technology, military, accounting, law, management consulting and other sectors.

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