ZGC Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park Has Exceeded 1bn Yuan in Output

At the beginning of the new year, Fangshan · ZGC Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park is full of good news.

On February 9th, Fangshan · ZGC Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park pressed the fast forward button at the beginning of the new year, as the enterprises settled there have all resumed work and production. The park, with an occupancy rate of over 80%, has exceeded 1bn yuan in output value. The name card of “Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing” is attracting more and more attention.

Beijing Turing Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a company located in the park, recently received good news that its self-developed demist insufflator used in hospital operating rooms has been permitted to enter the market. Its HA100 demist insufflator is the world’s first insufflator that can demist automatically, according to the head of Beijing Turing Medical Technology.

Its original function “demist by pressing one key” can effectively solve the problem that medical staff have to interrupt the operation to wiping the lens, making the operation safer and smoother.

Uisee Technology, the first “resident” of the park, also received good news. It obtained the functional-safety product certificate granted by an international third-party testing and certification body. It certifies that many of the company’s products meet the highest functional safety requirements of the ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), laying a solid compliance foundation for the safe application of related technology products.

Since the industrial park began its full operation in 2020, the enterprises there, relying on the characteristic industrial development mode of “front shop plus back factory”, has not only thrived in the high-quality R&D space and production plants, also enjoyed the support of seven service platforms: one-stop service, professional technology, startup incubation, human resources, techfin, intermediary and consultation, external exchange, and sci-tech achievement transfer and transformation.

The park will continue to provide the enterprises with butler-like services covering the whole lifecycle, so that they can devote themselves to R&D and production, according to the head of the park.

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