ZGC Financial Service Company Received the ISO9001:2015 Certificate

Recently, ZGC Financial Service Company was awarded the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate from the SGS Certification Center of Switzerland.

As a whole group, ZGC Financial Service obtained the main certificate. The certification covers the following scope: financing and investing project management; management of administrative support services, financial leasing services, and guarantee services. ZGC Financial Service Company and its subordinates—ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee, ZGC Sci-tech Leasing—obtained sub-certificates respectively.

In order to get the quality management certification and carry out business standardization, ZGC Financial Service set up a special taskforce. The taskforce defined the policy and objectives of the quality management system, and proposed a new overall construction and certification mode for the quality management system, that is “financial services + guarantee + leasing”. The quality management system was built in six stages: research, training, planning, documentation, system operation, internal audit and management review.

After two rounds of reviews, the certification body confirmed that the quality management system of ZGC Financial Services, ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee and ZGC Sci-tech Leasing met the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and awarded the ISO9001:2015 certificates.

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