ZGC Financial Service Company Successfully Issued the Second Phase of its 2022 Public Offering of Corporate Bonds

On July 6, ZGC Financial Service Company successfully issued the 2nd phase of 2022 public offering of corporate bonds of 400 mn yuan (Brief Bond Name: 22 Zhongke 02; Bond Code: 185989.SH), with maturity of 3 years and the coupon rate of 3.63%.

After ZGC Financial Service issued its 1st phase of corporate bonds at the low rate of 3.90% this year, the 2nd phase brought its corporate bond rate to a record low point, reducing the financing cost by about 7%.

The active participation in this issuance of diversified investment institutions like banks, securities companies and fund management companies has demonstrated the continuous approval and confidence of investors in ZGC Financial Service Company.  

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