ZGC Development Group will make full use of its advantages as an integration service provider for the innovation ecology by introducing more than 180 integrated service products in 20 categories, such as equity investment, financial services, professional

ZGC Sci-Fi Industry Innovation Center will start operation in July, with 33 upstream and downstream enterprises already settled there. At present, exhibitions are being arranged in its permanent exhibition hall and expected to be opened to public in mid-to-late July. The innovation center will be in full operation at the end of August.

The first phase of ZGC Sci-Fi Industry Innovation Center is located in the Shougang Industrial Park, Shijingshan District, covering a construction area of 21,000 square meters. It is planned and constructed by ZGC Information Valley and Capital Sci-tech Development Group.

The Innovation Center, dominated by sci-fi projects, will promote the deep integration of next-generation information technologies, including 5G, AI, VR, IC and other cutting-edge technologies.

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