The Construction Project of a Primary School in Xiong’an New Area supported by Beijing was Completed

On June 22, Shijia Primary School, one of the school construction projects in Xiong’an New Area supported by Beijing, was completed and officially transferred to Xiong’an New Area.

As part of the “Three Schools and One Hospital” projects supported by Beijing City, that is the second project that has been completed, accepted and delivered to the Xiong’an New Area after the kindergarten project.

The Primary School Project meets the three-star green building evaluation standard and follows the overall urban design style of Xiong’an New Area. 

The project has its design stemming from the Chinese traditional academy. It adopts the classical layout of the quardrangle courtyard to create a garden-like teaching space with great cohesive force and a strong sense of belonging. The project uses courtyard, terrace and lounge bridges to form a multi-level space for people to stop and communication.  

In the teaching building, activity halls and multi-functional classrooms are not confined by fixed walls, with the size and function of the space divided by liftable or moveable wall panels, providing a variety of possibilities for the learning space and making learning environment more flexible.

Meanwhile, the first floor of the teaching building is equipped with professional classrooms for makers, cooking, pottery, singing and gaming, which creates necessary conditions for the school to explore diversified teaching models going forward.

In the future, the installation of education and teaching equipment will be actively advanced to create necessary conditions for the opening of the primary school, and at the same time, the completion of the middle school project will be accelerated.

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