ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee Has received a Long-term Corporate Credit Rating of AAA

ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee, a member of ZGC Development Group, has abundant capital, continuously growing net profit, optimized balance sheets, good relationship with banks, and effective main business policies.

Dagong International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. (“Dagong International”) made a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the long-term credit of ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee on June 1, and determined its long-term corporation credit rating as AAA and outlook as “stable”.

This is the second time that ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee won the highest credit rating following the announcement of Oriental Jincheng International Credit Evaluation Co., Ltd. on November 3, 2021.

The rating could help ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee in planning the strategic layout, expanding funding sources, reducing financing costs, and improving its market image, so as to play a more positive role in helping SMEs expand financing channels in the capital market.

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