The IP Operation and Medical Perception Achievement Transformation Forum was Held in Beijing

On April 26th, China Association of Research Hospitals and Beijing IP Operation and Management Co., Ltd. (“Beijing IP” for short) held the “Forum on IP Operation and Medical Perception Achievement Transformation” in Beijing to celebrate the 22nd World IP Day.

In a mixed form of “online and offline”, the forum was co-organized by Guangzhou Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd., China CITIC Bank Co. Ltd., Zhongzhi Online Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shensei VC Management Co., Ltd. and supported by various entities like Huazhi Mass Innovation, ZGC Collaborative Innovation Fund, ZGC Medical Device Park and etc.

The forum launched the “Chinese Research-oriented Hospitals --Beijing IP Sci-tech Achievement Transformation Projects Solicitation Program”, which is open to 139 professional committees of the Association and more than 300 members of Grade AAA Hospitals with excellent clinical and scientific research.  

This program aims to encourage and guide the hospitals and teams with independent IP rights to participate in the “medical achievement pool” and commercialization platform that is jointly built by the Association, Beijing IP and other relevant parties.

It will further promote the transformation of medical R&D achievements, then foster innovation with commercial operation, stimulate the efficiency of innovation sources to the greatest extent, promoting the technological independence of the medical and health industry and the self-reliance of medical science and technology.

The forum also had a special session for transformation of medical innovation, which focused on the theme of “medical innovation transformation path”. They invited senior medical experts from urology, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, critical medicine, nursing and other frontline departments to conduct extensive discussions on new thinking and modes of medical innovation and transformation.

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