ZGC Sci-tech Leasing Obtained the Non- objection Letter for its Special IP-Assets Supporting Program from Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On April 29, the “Phase I-III of CSC-ZGC Sci-tech Leasing Special IP-Assets Supporting Program of 2022” successfully obtained the Non- objection Letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with the total scale of shelf registration as 500 million yuan.

Among them, Phase I of the Special Program is launched in collaboration with Beijing Chaoyang International technology Innovation Service Co., LTD. (referred to as “CITIS”), with its patent clients deriving from technological innovation enterprises registered in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

In August 2021, ZGC Sci-tech Leasing Co., LTD. (“ZGC Sci-tech Leasing”, stock code: 1601.HK) launched innovative IP financing products, in two modes of “after-sale leaseback” and “Secondary licensing of intellectual property”.

These products take patents and other IP owned by sci-tech innovation enterprises as leasing properties, provide leasing services for knowledge-intensive and cultural and creative companies, opening up a new way for IP financing.

In early 2022, ZGC Sci-tech Leasing and CITIS jointly launched the ABS projects backed by IP assets of registered enterprise in Chaoyang District, with a total amount of 135 million yuan,using the transaction mode of Secondary licensing of intellectual property.

Chaoyang District Market Supervision Administration has promised to give related enterprises a 50% discount on the comprehensive financing cost, which effectively helped them revitalize their IP assets.

Up to now, 7 projects have been funded, with a total investment of 67 million yuan. It’s the first time that ZGC Sci-tech Leasing takes IP financing projects as the underlying assets of ABSs and conducts mass marketing for projects in specific regions.

It took ZGC Sci-tech Leasing only two months to obtain a Non-action Letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, thanks to good cooperation from various professional service agencies.

ZGC Sci-tech Leasing is the original owner of these special ABSs, China Securities the program manager and leading sales agency, and Guotai Junan Securities the joint sales agency. Beijing ZGC Sci-tech Financing Guarantee (a member of ZGC Development Group) serves as the credit enhancement agency for these ABSs, and the Beijing Branch of Bank of Shanghai the custodian bank. The IP appraisal agency is Beijing Zhongjinhao Asset Appraisal Co., LTD., and the rating agency Dongfang Jinchen International Credit Appraisal Co., Ltd. Beijing Shengda Law Firm acts as its legal agent and KPMG Huazhen Accounting Firm (special limited partnership) its accounting agent.

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