ZGC Financial Services Successfully Issued the First Phase of Public Offering of Corporate Bonds in 2022

ZGC Financial Services successfully issued the first phase of public offering of corporate bonds in 2022.

The total amount of these bonds is¥400 million (Bond Abbreviation: 22中科01; Bond Code: 185685.SH), with a term of 3 years and a coupon rate of 3.90%, 50bp lower than its first batch of corporate bonds issued in 2021, which is a new low in bond financing cost.

A variety of investment institutions like banks, securities companies and fund management companies have actively subscribed these bonds, demonstrating investors’ continued recognition of ZGC Financial Services.

ZGC Financial Services’ successful issuance of the first phase of public corporate bonds in 2022, at the lowest rate of three-year public bonds of similar enterprises since 2021, further enhanced its financing capacity and brand influence by tapping the capital market, which is an important milestone to further expand access to finance and support the development of sci-tech SMEs.

Under the guidance of the Group, ZGC Financial Services makes full use of its capability of providing financial services for technology firms, creates a diversified system of “direct + indirect” financing to solve the issue of difficult and expensive financing, playing a key role in promoting the growth of sci-tech companies using sci-tech financing.  

By the end of 2021, ZGC Financial Services had provided more than 65,000 times of financial services worth more than 400 billion yuan for technology firms.

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