ZGC Shuimu Medical Has Completed Its A-round Financing

Recently, Beijing ZGC Shuimu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shuimu Medical”) has raised 100 million yuan in the round A financing, which is led by ZGC Collaborative Innovation Funds Dezhou Mifang Sub-funds and Yuansheng VC. The funds will be used to strength Shuimu Medical’s capability in terms of operation, production, information construction and testing. 

Shuimu Medical, founded in 2017, is the first whole-of- chain medical device service platform in China, invested by by ZGC Development Group, Capital Sci-tech Corporation, ZGC Medical Device Park and Shuimu Dongfang.  

Shuimu Medical has innovated a one-stop service platform covering the whole industrial chain, in the mode of “engineering design + inspection and test + clinical trial + registration”, to further accelerate the registration process of innovative medical devices and solve the “last mile” problem of the industrialization for innovative medical device enterprises. It has six professional inspection and testing laboratories, covering medical device reliability, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, software testing, package testing and IVD.

Shuimu Medical has preliminarily established the business models for analyzing mechanical and electronic compliance, reliability, ease of use and performance improvements of large medical equipment, such as proton instrument, heavy ion equipment, surgical robot, radiotherapy equipment and so on. It has also set up an engineering rectification system to support enterprises in product innovation and upgrades.

Meanwhile, Shuimu Medical has also built a comprehensive service platform for full-category diagnostic standard products (quality control products) autonomously developed in China, providing third-party quality control products, reference sample customization, commissioned R&D and production (CDMO) services for calibration products and quality control products, and other products and service. The platform is estimated to curtail the commercialization timeframe of medical devices (by 4.5 years) and to save 60% of economic costs.

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