ZGC Frontier Technology Research Institute Exercised Stock Subscription Rights for the First Time

In July, ZGC Development Group’s stock-subscription-right fund and ZGC Frontier Technology Research Institute exercised the stock subscription right of Beijing Aorui Biotechnology co., Ltd. (“Aorui”) this year, the first project of this kind. 

ZGC Frontier Technology Research Institute signed an agreement on stock subscription with Aorui when it entering the industrial park.

Aorui, settling down at the Research Institute in 2020, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the preservation and utilization of animal genetic resources. The institute provides Aorui with a range of whole-process and butler-style services through the innovative service system of “1+7” (one center + seven platforms), and signed a stock-subscription agreement with Aorui.  

In addition to providing industrial services, the Institute also helps enterprises with financing. After coordination and preliminary due diligence, the Research Institute transferred the subscription rights to related funds, which then negotiated core commercial terms with Aorui and exercise the rights. 

Meanwhile, the Group’s Golden Seed Funds also co-invested in Aorui, a further reflection of Group’s diverse methods of investing in early-stage firms. 

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