ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee Successfully Assisted a Company to Issue High-growth Bonds

On August 12, the first phase of the “Debt Financing Plan of 2021 for Beijing Yidiantao Network Technology co., Ltd. (High-growth Bonds)”, with ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee serving as its guarantor and financial consultant, was successfully issued at Beijing Financial Asset Exchange, with an amount of 30 million yuan, a two-year term and an interest rate of 5.5%. 

ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee tailored the guarantee and issuance scheme for its operational characteristics, meeting the company’s requirements for the maturity term, interest rate, debt service and product label.

It actively coordinated multiple resources like bank investors and law firms, and coped with various problems during the issuance process. Finally, it successfully imported external funding to enable the smooth implementation of the project.

EGB, the main underwriter and investor of this product, has been working with ZGC Sci-tech Guarantee to support the development of small-, medium- and micro-technology firms.

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