The First IP Pledge Loan of “Shunyi Model” was Landed

Recently, the first IP pledge loan, based on Shunyi risk disposal capital pool, was landed.

Zhongke Fuchuang (Beijing) Intelligent System Technology co., Ltd., an intelligent logistics system provider located in Shunyi Science Park, a subsidy of Z-Park, obtained a bank loan of 10 million yuan by pledging 3 patents, timely alleviating the stress on its cash flow.

“Zhirongbao 2.0”, a financial product created by Beijing IP and several guarantee companies and commercial banks, takes independent IPs of enterprises as the only pledge assets.  

As an innovative product of intellectual property pledge loan, “Zhirongbao 2.0” is tailored for the characteristics of Zhongguancun enterprises, such as with a large share of IP rights in their asset and in urgent need for financing. It provides firms with low-cost loans for 1-2 years, with the financing amount up to ten million yuan. 

Up to now, “Zhirongbao 2.0” has served more than 130 firms, loaned nearly 600 million yuan and accepted more than 1,200 core IPs as pledge assets, accounting for over 20% of similar services, in terms of both the number and scale of firms it has served, in Beijing over the past three years.

Meanwhile, it has been actively exploring value-assessment methods and disposal paths of intellectual property, supporting the construction of IP pledge financing system in Beijing. 

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