Zhongguancun Overseas Forum --“ZGC GIFTs ×London”-- was Held in London


On October 22, London ExCel Exhibition Center witnessed the opening ceremony of Zhongguancun Overseas Forum –"ZGC GIFTs×London”, in the theme of “Chinese Businessmen’s Sci-tech Innovation Path in the Era of Industry 4.0”, which was co-sponsored by ZGC Development Group and the 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference and attended by hundreds of Chinese businessmen from all over the world.


At the opening ceremony of “The 15th World Chinese Businessmen Conference” held in the morning, ZGC Development Group and London Development Promotion Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to carry out in-depth cooperation in the innovation center, investment funds, sci-tech services, cross-border consultation and other aspects.

Before the opening ceremony, the exhibition area of ZGC Development Group has attracted great attention from Prince Andrew, Duke of York, of the United Kingdom. On the exhibition site, Prince Andrew had a long talk with Zhao Changshan, president of ZGC Development Group, about the development history, mission and positioning, and vision of Zhongguancun as a name card of China’s sci-tech innovation, as well as its future cooperation plan with the U.K.

Prince Andrew spoke highly of China’s achievements in sci-tech development in recent years. He also accepted a gift – an AI translator machine – presented by Iflytek, a representative of Chinese tech firms. 

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