About us
Corporate Vision
To become the premier global integrated innovation service provider
Enterprise positioning
A market-oriented platform that pools innovative resources and serves the global innovation ecosystem.
Corporate VI
Corporate culture
Innovation —— Innovation is the primary source of development, and the ethos of ZGC Group. We pride ourselves on having the spirit of exploration, questioning norms, chasing dreams and reaching for new heights. The culture of innovation is felt by all members of the group, from executives to our new employees. Together, we endeavor to pool innovative resources and to serve the globalinnovation ecosystem.
Professionalism —— Professionalism is at the heart of ZGC Group, and is the basis for our innovation capabilities. We treat all of our work with a very high level of professionalism, and through our ,professionalism, we promote innovation-driven development and provide innovation-driven technology enterprises with professional services.

Responsibility —— Responsibility is a key driver for success. To help the building of a national sci-tech innovation center, we have the nerve to be the first one; we never flinch before difficulties; we never shift responsibility; and we take responsibilities and pursue tasks with initiative.

Achievement —— Achievement is our pursuit. We strive to create a working atmosphere in which everyone wants to and be able to make achievements, making everyone a striver and a doer. Our goal is to develop ZGC Group into a world-class integration service provider of the innovation ecosystem.
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